Brownies & Coffee

(aka: vintage camera and caffenol)

What fun it is to own a pair of 1953 Brownie Hawkeye Cameras, a mighty find from a local thrift store! These cameras are the formica-like plastic box cameras that have plastic meniscus lenses. They take 120 film. (when you clip off the rim on the film spool, to make it the shape of the original 620 spool of it's day) I have reversed the lens in one of the cameras, to obtain a very shallow depth of field, and blurred distortion effect. (you will see examples of this effect in some photographs to the right.)

I have processed most of these images in a homemade developer consisting of instant coffee crystals, Borax, and vitamin C tablets. (aka:"caffenol") It's a slow and forgiving solution, and there is an element of fun in creating art with the help of kitchen chemistry!

After film processing, I either scan the negatives, or photograph them over a lightbox, and then digitally process them to positives in Photoshop. I then may give the images a digital texturing (from scanned art papers) or I may not process further.

Please feel free to email me with any questions about the photographs you see here.

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