Solargraphy Images
"That's a lot of time squeezed onto one photograph!"

The 6 images you see to the right are "time lapse" images of the sun tracking through the sky over weeks to months! They are solargraphs, and were made with pinhole cameras that were fixed into place, looking at the southern sky (northern hemisphere) for these very long exposures. Enduring all kinds of weather, the cameras dutifully etched their images onto light-sensitive photographic paper. No darkroom processing is done, as the negative image is present on the emulsion, straight out of the camera.

Each negative is then digitally scanned, and then processed in a photo editor to invert to a positive image. The image must not have more exposure to light beyond this scan, unless it is chemically fixed to prevent further reaction with light.

Perhaps the world would look this surreal if we humans were capable of this time lapse perception. Hooray for the pinhole camera, which can produce these solargraphs, and give us a taste of the otherworldliness in our world!

Please feel free to email me with any questions about the photographs you see here.

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